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The Voices of our Supporters

Donors to Friedel are as diverse as our families. Each of them have their own special reasons for supporting Friedel. Here are some of their stories.

“In a nutshell, it was Peter Beinart’s book, Crisis of Zionism, that caused me to do a ‘180’ on my attitude toward the importance of a Jewish day school to the survival of Judaism. I invite all to read Beinart’s conclusion chapter where he cites concretely with facts and figures the impact of the day school movement in the United States and elsewhere to the continuation of us as a ‘people’…much more so than the stories and remembrances of the Holocaust and the creation and continuance of the viability of the State of Israel.”

Murray Newman

“The role of a Jewish education is vital in perpetuating a strong Jewish community. A community day school instills the love and knowledge of Judaism as it is explored daily. Friedel Jewish Academy provides this continuity and flow of Jewish studies and Hebrew language making Judaism part of the students’ daily lives. A vibrant Jewish community must offer opportunities and institutions for all Jews to help them and their families grow in their participation in the Jewish world.”

Bonnie Bloch