General Studies

We are a state-approved school—which means we follow state standards and do everything that schools are supposed to do—but we also do so much more!

  • Our curriculum cultivates critical thinking skills, problem solving strategies, discovery, and curiosity. Teachers employ multiple approaches to accommodate individual learning styles and levels of development.
  • Our 10:1 student to classroom teacher ratio ensures that children receive individualized attention and differentiated instruction.
  • Sixth- through eighth-grade students have an annual, educational travel experience. Sixth graders visit Birmingham, Selma, and Montgomery, Alabama; seventh graders travel to Washington, D.C.; and eighth graders will travel to Israel.
  • Friedel has the only judged science fair for elementary school students in the Omaha area. Students learn about—and apply—the scientific method while designing their own experiments, reporting their findings, and presenting to judges.
  • Jewish tradition emphasizes the importance of being good stewards of our world. Through our garden, school-wide composting program, and a hands-on, cross-disciplinary environmental education curriculum, our students learn about and practice sustainability.