WELCOME to Friedel Jewish Academy, a place where children discover the joy of learning in an atmosphere of intellectual excitement.

Friedel was founded in 1964 to provide a comprehensive educational experience in a pluralistic setting - a mission we continue to honor. Friedel's experienced educators prepare children to become self-confident and compassionate citizens who are equipped for the academic and social challenges of the modern world. And, not only that...

Friedel students enjoy tremendous academic success.

On the Terra Nova Standardized Test, we see a direct comparison of 6th grade students at Friedel scoring 10 points higher in reading than Millard Public School Students. In 2014-15, seven of eight Friedel graduates attending Beveridge Middle School participated in honors classes.

By graduation, Friedel students read, write and speak Hebrew fluently.*

Beginning in kindergarten, our students learn from an internationally-renown second language immersion program. Research shows the benefits of second language learning not only on student's linguistic abilities but also on improved overall school performance and superior problem-solving skills, and that second language learners consistently outperform control groups in core subject areas on standardized tests.

Friedel is located on the campus of Jewish Omaha.

Our school is located on the campus that includes the JCC, the Rose Blumkin Jewish Home, and the offices of the Jewish Federation, Jewish Press, ADL/CRC, the Center for Jewish Life, and the Nebraska Jewish Historical Society. We take full advantage of all the campus has to offer our students:

    • We celebrate Kabbalat Shabbat with residents from the Blumkin Home.
    • We use the gym for indoor recess during Nebraska winters.
    • We offer swimming one day a week as part of our physical education curriculum.
    • We partner with the JCC's Child Development Center for special events.
    • We enjoy quality after-school options provided by the JCC including childcare, dance, youth sports, swim lessons, and tae kwon do.

Friedel students are Jewishly knowledgeable.

Parents choose Friedel because it nurtures the values and identity they seek for their children. Through daily living, Jewish concepts such as tikun olam (repairing the world) and gemilut hasadim (acts of loving kindness) are embraced by our children. Friedel is not just about academic achievement. Friedel is about building ethical and moral Jewish individuals. Friedel is a model of Jewish diversity within a single community as our students come from all three synagogues. Children who attend day school are confident in their Jewish identity and committed to Jewish community.

Our website is currently being rebuilt so please contact me directly with any questions about the school or to get information about our admissions process. I'm looking forward to talking to you about the joyful learning that takes place at Friedel Jewish Academy.

All the best,

Ms. Beth Cohen
Head of School



*Bamford & Mizokawa 1991; Hakuta 1986 Armstrong & Rogers 1997, Saunders 1998, Masciantonio 1977, Rafferty 1986, Andrade, Kretschmer & Kretschmer 1989.




Friedel Jewish Academy

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