Admissions/Tuition/Financial Aid

 Tuition and Financial Assistance

What is the yearly tuition?

Tuition for the 2021-2022 school year is $8,900 per student, which includes all fees, activities and field trips. Payment plans are offered, and financial assistance is available.  

What financial aid is available

  • Need-based scholarships are available through the Jewish Federation of Omaha.  The deadline for application is March 1, 2021.   Information on the scholarship process and the application is available at
  • A $1,500 grant is available through an anonymous donor for families who either belong to Temple Israel or are not affiliated with a synagogue.  This grant is available in a student’s first year of enrollment at Friedel.
  • A $2,000 tuition grant is made to each student, annually, by Beth Israel Synagogue for families who maintain their primary synagogue membership there.
  • Each of Omaha’s three synagogues are committed to helping families provide a Friedel education to their children.  Contact your rabbi for information about financial assistance available through your synagogue.
  • Friedel is a participating school in the Children’s Scholarship Fund of Omaha.  Application deadline is May of each year.  Information on eligibility and application is available at

Our Board of Directors believe that a day school education should be available for all Jewish children.  Friedel’s Head of School will confidentially work with families to ensure their financial needs are met.